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More and more people are choosing ecologically-conscious green funerals. There is a wide selection of green funeral options available across the UK. You can choose from biodegradable coffins including cardboard or whicker, natural woodland burial, meadow burial, green cemetery, etc.. > more about green funerals

Green Funeral Planning is the UK's leader in offering customers the opportunity to pre-plan their green funeral and to prepay for the green funeral at today's prices.  This will save your loved ones the worry of having to pay for your funeral and give you peace of mind that your requests will be carried out with respect to your wishes and the environment.  > read more about green funeral plannning

Benefits of Prepaying
The option of prepaying for funerals is popular in today's economic climate especially with low interest rates. Funeral costs are rising each year so it makes sense to pay for the funeral at today's prices knowing that your investment is safe and backed by Golden Leaves Environmental Trust Fund.

How To Find Out More
You may take out a green funeral plan at any age without a medical or health-check.  It is a simple process to plan a green funeral today, and then get on with living!   And we're here to help you every step of the way.  There are three categories from which to choose: the Glade, Meadow or Woodland. Each differs in the level of services provided by the funeral director, the number of vehicles required and the type or style of coffin selected. > view selection of green coffins (pdf file)

Prices Click here to view green funeral price options for the Glade, Meadow or Woodland categories.

Alternatively you can design your own unique plan. Please contact us for further information.ease ring us on 01792 207889 during normal office hours.

Note:  These plans do NOT include any funds to cover third party disbursements such as Crematorium or Cemetery fees, Doctors, Clergy or Church fees.   Should you wish to contribute towards these costs, please call us on 01792 207889 and we will recommend a suitable level of cover.  Any sum paid towards these costs are guaranteed to be met in line with any increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI), but may require an additional top-up payment from your estate if this has been exceeded at the time of the funeral

Any Questions?
If you would like to learn more about green natural funerals please visit our The Natural Alternative page.  If you have any questions please go to our Questions & Answers page.  You are also welcome to contact us.  > contact Green Funeral Planning

About Us
Green Funeral Planning  is a family-owned business based in Swansea in South Wales. We are delighted to be authorised agents for Golden Leaves Pre Paid Funeral Pans. They are a founder member of the Funeral Planning Authority and National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans  > read more about Green Funeral Planning


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  For further information please ring us on 01792 207889 or email us at info@greenfuneralplanning.co.uk

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